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Welcome to rebalancR!

rebalancR will help you maintain a portfolio and occasionally rebalance it.  Choose a portfolio based on its level of risk, to see how many of what securities to buy to start off.  Tell rebalancR how many shares you own, of each security in your chosen portfolio.  Come back once in a while to adjust how many shares you have; rebalancR will take care of updating the price of the securities.

The important part is then to "check alignment".  This means that rebalancR will check how well your current holdings align with your chosen portfolio.  If it's out of alignment, rebalancR will make recommendations of which securities to buy and sell, to get back into alignment.  Come back once in a while to update your holdings, and see how they now align.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This advice is strictly for the purpose of rebalancing.  It is explicitly not advice on the future performance of any particular security!

Other features being considered include mainly automatic emails when your holdings are out of balance.  (At this time we don't use your email for anything!)